me? A vacation? Yeah right! I wish.

here's how:


Struggling to even grasp the idea of how you could possibly take time away from the day-to-day? Think it’s utterly impossible that you could have a weekend without checking email, let alone a week? Anxieties about travelling internationally or other adventures keeping you stuck at home? We understand how difficult it can be to make time for the things that are important.  Together let’s formulate and execute a plan to overcome whatever obstacles are preventing you from getting on your way.  Freedom and rejuvenation are waiting for you - let's get there!


A Travelworthy favorite, we refer to this one as “the antidote.” We don’t know of a “can’t go on vacation” excuse that a staycation couldn’t overcome. Whether its restlessness, budget, time, or another constraint keeping you down, we firmly believe that a fun and relaxing time is ALWAYS available to you close to home. 


Overflowing inbox and schedule but I need some me time. Or we need some "we" time. Whatever the case, it’s important to remember that if your cup is empty, then you have nothing to give!  We can help you find a mini or maxi trip that will help you escape and refuel!


Ever feel like you didn’t take advantage of all the summer had to offer?  Longing for more pumpkin spice and frowning at the cold temps coming your way as fall comes to a close? Polar Vortex got you going stir crazy?  Prevent these woes with Season of the Year™ planning. We can help you create and schedule a Season of the Year™ that will have you raving about your #summeroftheyear and feeling totally jazzed for your upcoming #autumnoftheyear. Don’t worry, #winteroftheyear and #springoftheyear can play too!


The gals are in town for a ladies-only weekend! OR Your mother-in-law is coming to visit and staying in the guest room for a whole week!  Travelworthy loves when folks come to visit!  The secret to a successful, stress-free sleepover is a good plan!  Show everyone a great time with your customized itinerary and have a blast while doing it. We promise, it’s possible, and we can help (cost of wine not included.) 

Still not convinced? We promise we can help! Contact us and we'll help you get closer to the travel that is right for you!